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Friday, August 12, 2011

Are You a Good Person?

The things one does out of restlessness...

Are you offended? Outraged? Had enough? I've had enough. God does not send people to hell. Period. If your morality requires hell, then we all know which god you truly fear... I got no problems with Christians that actually worship Lucifer in their hearts and Jesus in their minds because the hypothesis that "beyond the threshold of eternity is beauty for all" is spiritually advanced. I had no idea that ten years after forming such, it would be as close to theory as anything of its kind is likely to get.

Yet because I am the scientist, who did the experiments, who still lives to tell the tale; I tend to think I "know something."Not only can it be explained scientifically, it can be explained scripturally - I can explain this video and my objections to it - but who cares? I'm on youtube practicing my five-second attention span when at 4:42 the narrator promotes idolatry...


I got no problem with sin - I do it all the time. Which is to say I got no problem stating I was not politically correct with my correction. Who cares, it's youtube, I can even use profanity; I did not expect to be simply blocked. Thus I too must follow the path of Satan and summon his modern aspect. The attorney.

Child Abuse.

In no uncertain terms. Are you with me, Kira? 

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