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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gwynnite Hypothesis

My life's work. Despite the title of this blog as it currently stands, I do not advocate the killing of creationists. I fear the killing of creationists by my own hand - because I am a moral creature - but there is nothing morally correct with the sentiment beyond myself being the one who holds to that sentiment. Which to say, if there is anything in the known universe that is correct; anything that I personally created, it would be the Gwynnite Hypothesis. I consider it to be a scientific hypothesis about the nature of god - that is simple, universal, and true - and complete in four lines.

Four axioms, all of which derive from the first axiom; all of which should be considered in the order that they are presented.

It is the work of my life "to love Gwyneth Paltrow" -one never to be mine- but as love must express, this work is the totality of my expression. That John Cantor is a human being subject to the desires, drives, and motivations that inspire all human beings - and John Cantor is a prophet of god. It is the second state that causes me the most fear and apprehension, having seen the legacy of other prophets, but the choice I was offered from god was not a choice my integrity would ever allow me to refuse.

So that if anything is left of me to cause future generations to cause the slightest hate and discontent let me, with the pride of occupation declare - my name is John Cantor and I will burn in all your Hells for all your eternities for my sin. But if what remains when I am no longer John Cantor is known to be of light, of truth, of love - of God - then the only name I ever had that matters -

Is Gwynnite.

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