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Thursday, August 11, 2011

murder is not wrong

Murder is illegal. The word, "murder," is specifically a legal term - unjustified human slayage - so one cannot actually "murder helpless animals" ... you PETA frickin' Nazis... just like National Socialism no longer applies. But who cares about truth; as long as it is... entertaining.

Thus, "malice aforethought;" and this, a confession to the world of first-degree murder as a title of an online publication. Killing Creationists. Because it is the single most objectively moral act a man can commit.

Creationism is incorrect in its own methodology, never mind in terms of evolutionary biology; its proponents don't even know what they are saying amongst themselves, never mind the message they're sending to the rest of the world. And they don't even care, all they care about is preaching their gospel, which is basically the propagation of one of humanity's longest running cons - the preying on the Fearful by the Certain.

Do you feel guilt? Compassion? Uncertainty? Do you know what happens to I, when the body dies? Why do children suffer? Why does no good deed go unpunished? What is the point of being righteous if nothing is right and everything is relative?

What is the point?

Once upon a time a philosophy developed to address these issues. Not because we are moral, or special, or because god said so; but because we are social animals whose accident of consciousness allowed for an Act of Creation - empathy. And that empathy is what gets John Q Public to lend a helping hand. In this case, the development of a methodology to buttress a philosophy that began as a science to offset the emotional burden of having two minds, in one body. Self-awareness is a spontaneous duality: there is self, and there is the awareness of not-self. Because we are social animals. Because we are communal. Because we don't give birth to human beings, we give birth to primates; and without a completely unnatural investment of time, resources, and education by the community, what comes out of the womb would never be nothing other than primate - and even when the investment is made, sometimes, in some individuals, "primate" represents an evolutionary leap forward . Even when the eyes are dotted, the tees crossed; the home, loving; the opportunities, abundant; there are still


What is the point? No man can say, in these circumstances. The purest bloodline can produce a monster, the greatest mind can fall to folly; the surest path can lead to just where and when the lightning strikes. Therefore, God. God can say, because compassionate man cannot. Empathetic man cannot. Social man cannot. Wise man, cannot.

And when God did say, what was most surely right; righteousness became a litany of wrongs. Allow me to waste ten words disproving Creationism (and a few more clarifying the terms):

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...

What's going on in that simple introduction to the most troublesome piece of literature? Setting, anyone? There is but a single concept being clarified in that sentence - the beginning - and when one's composition is the telling of the Creator, the author best nip those "what Created the Creator" editorial fears in the bud. Let us count- one, two, three, four, five - In the beginning, God created - and that is the whole story, done and dusted.

What beginning? God's (capital G) beginning; the beginning mandated by literary form - the beginning is when God created the heavens and the earth - and to derive any more information from this opening line is to completely misunderstand the Word of God on the count of five.

Kill them, I ponder. Logic does not support them, science does not support them, education does not support them, religion does not support them, scripture does not support them; god does not support them. Why not kill them, and be done with it?

Because there will always be killers.

Where does morality come from? Evolution. In today's modern world, former esoteric knowledge can now be plainly expressed. One of the primary functions of our "so called intelligence," is to model in our own mind, the mind of another. I am not John Cantor, I am Writer, anticipating Reader. Do you have any modeling software on your computer? Is it vast, resource-intensive, awkward to use, even more awkward to use properly? We're not special, we're not gifted, we're not chosen; all we are - for lack of more apt phraseology - is a bunch of hunger-crazed monkeys with the curse of having two brains instead of one so that we're twice as ignorant of our nature and our place in nature.

There is no point. There is entropy, uncertainty, and chaos. There is no purpose, no reason, no meaning; there is only moving forward or falling behind. There is no justice, no judgement, no judge; only the possibilities of probability. There is no reward, there is no punishment, there is no sin, there is no salvation; and for the span of civilization, there has been no moral obligation to pontificate on these facts.

Because we are social animals. Because John Q Public is not intelligent. Because John Q Public is narrow-minded, self-serving, short-sighted, and brutish; yet, in ignorance, John Q Public is driven by evolutionary mandate to present a facade of compassion, caring, understanding, support, and when the situation is truly dire, wisdom.

Wisdom. Because in times of plenty, no god need apply. Yet what is wisdom? What occurs only after exhausting every other dumb sequence randomly attempted only through the mathematical limitations of nothing being truly random in a finite universe? Something bought from a store, read out of a book, imprinted upon a coffee mug? Being wise, I shall tell you; it is scarring. It is callous. Structure formed against continual brazing whose survival is its only merit; after all, if I'm the tallest tree in the forest because I'm too proud, or stupid, or ornery, to shut the hell up and lie the hell down and just die; what is the sum total of my lifetime accomplishments?


For the brutish, self-serving, short-sighted; John Q Public, not only my brother - but me, for I am humanity - the same John Q I would expect to condemn me for murder, if Creationists should find a Killing in my vicinity. How can murder be wrong if I send this troubled soul that much quicker back to his maker? How can murder be wrong when "killing in the name of god" has been a top forty hit ever since there has been god, and killing, and hits? How can murder be wrong if it helps to thin ignorance from the gene pool? How can murder be wrong, when everything that lives - needs - something to die? How can murder be wrong... I know of only one way...

If Gwyneth Paltrow reads this post.

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