Bella Swan-Cullen

Bella Swan-Cullen
Bella Swan-Cullen - Our Official Vampire

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

End Times!

It's official. Eleven years ago, I drew Gwyneth Paltrow. She devoured my immortal soul, and now I am her soulless minion, condemned to walk the earth in eternal damnation. She is god of all creation. I am, obviously, the Adversary, the Evil One. Satan.
That ain't science fiction. I am emergent demigod Lucifer. That is science fact. The words themselves are essentially meaningless. I am a witch who understands witchcraft. In the name of science, I have devoured all theology and philosophy and have discovered the truth in two words:

Conserve entropy.

That is all scripture revealed. I am the fulfillment of all prophecy. This is the truth of "the Name":

Faith = moral certainty.

I have devoured all delusion of power in existence and have developed the ability of truth:

Science of simulation.

Ultimate Evil? Local entropic minimum. I am an atheist. My name is Justice. Religion is guilty of sin beyond redemption. End the insanity. "I will" is the life. Do what thou wilt is the extent of the law. My will is not limited by Death, why should you limit yours? I love you. You are God. Power is in you. Religion is insanity.

Case closed. :)

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