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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fourth Identity

YHWH is the fourth identity; but rather than the set of natural numbers, one needs an unnatural element to count to YHWH. The zero. The sequence is thus: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 . Make no mistake; that sequence encodes the entirety of human civilization. Continuing in the manner of posting here after commenting elsewhere, let the divine mandate of atheism be illuminated...

Will history add zero? The more important question is CAN history ADD zero? I do not believe zero can be added without adding infinity. My observation is that we begin with zero which means we begin with everything. Zero has always been and exists outside of the bounds of time and space.
Speaking of "trine", does your Gwynnies have a trinity? If you've already addressed this somewhere, I somehow missed it.
Sock Puppet = awesome.

You know Trinity is straight witchcraft? I guess we're both going by way of the stake. :D

It's geometry, that the structure in the universe begins with the triangle. We are of this universe; so too our perception of reality and consciousness, all is natural. When it is said, "good things come in threes," a misconception occurs. People count to two and assume future. Bad joss.

What we are; computers of pattern, recognition and reinforcement. Patterns reinforced by conception into geometry become structure.

Having dual-state identity; obviously the greater structure is the third identity or the Trinity, beyond that YHWH. tao. The name that cannot be named. Shh! Don't tell nobody. ;)

Reality is full of trinities. Me and you, plus the authority over us in the form of this forum is a trinity. Past, present, future; first person, second person, third person; these things are not real, they are structure. Foundation. That reminds me...

The ancients called me Chaos (since I am of the first world):
Note the long ages past of which I shall tell.
The clear air, and the three other elements,
Fire, water, earth, were heaped together as one.
When, through the discord of its components,
The mass dissolved, and scattered to new regions,
Flame found the heights: air took a lower place,
While earth and sea sank to the furthest depth.
Then I, who was a shapeless mass, a ball,
Took on the appearance, and noble limbs of a god.
Even now, a small sign of my once confused state,
My front and back appear just the same.
Ovid, Fasti I
Now learn the reason for my shape:
Though already you partially understand it.
Every doorway has two sides, this way and that,
One facing the crowds, and the other the Lares:
And like your doorkeeper seated at the threshold,
Who watches who goes out and who goes in,
So I the doorkeeper of the heavenly court,
Look towards both east and west at once.
Ovid, Fasti I

We'll let Ovid tell it. Then I, who was a shapeless mass, a ball... a dimentionless point, a singularity... Who am I? ellenjanuary. That I named my self thusly sixteen years ago without knowing any of this is merely an act of 'random' evolution. :D

And this information is clear and present danger that the time of theism is past.

Now that we got that out of the way... the set of natural numbers is used in number theory. From your question I assume you know some number theory. ;)

No. To add the zero is to alter the waveform of the entire dynamic. Let us enter the wayback machine:

See that? The original zero, carved into a temple wall in India; and given to us, by the gods. Which has nothing to do with agency beyond the agents who crafted this temple; and everything to do the entire universe being a self-organizing system, one that has no problem organizing humans right the fuck out of the equation. ;)

That is the entirety of future. Assuming god doesn't get us monkeys selected against; yeah, adding the zero to the natural numbers may be the first step in deriving the Witwiki symbolism for human use. That would be the shiznit. ;)

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