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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Proof of God. o.O

I'm still confused about this one...
I figured, that there by default nothing exists until proven otherwise...

Prolly more naive philosophy than the science. ;)

With science you got the Standard Model, a gravity that may be time, and perhaps some SUSY creeps hiding in the space between. Since that covers everything yet observed, there's no need to add anything to the mix - especially not corporeal manifestation of noodliness. ;)

Science says, gimme an observation and we'll make beautiful theory together. Thus the scientist "can be led into sin" (:P) thinking the default is non-existence due to the lack of an observation - objectivity tends to lead one into forgetting that one is making the observation - yet the scientist is allowed Ya don't wanna be thinking "extraneous variable" when yer trying to do the science - that way, when the science needs one, the "extraneous variable" is purely mathematical dependent on equations which validate themselves. And with science, new hypotheses bring new theory - Newton's gravitation is officially "wrong," but the language of his equations still reads clearly enough to send a fool across the solar system, land him on Uranus rather than up his anus. :P

But it is agnosticism, and I don't like it. It's an "all things considered, we don't know," statement. Even worse, god exists; I proved it like a mathematician just now. :D

How we do it in math? "Works for all-non trivial solutions." What's the trivial solution here? The identity function. Ain't that hilarious? YHWH in this mind is mere mathematical consideration on the order of "cosmological constant," or the H for the still-theoretical Higgs, or using the mass of an electron for renormalization in physics to get rid of pesky infinities. Did you know all that god was in your science, dude? :D

Of course one can maintain agnosticism. You're an atheist, I'm an atheist; there it is. Truth is philosophy; mathematics is merely philosophy, evolved. Being a naive philosopher, I know the truth. Once upon a time, some asshole ascribed Agency to mathematical consideration; now a bunch of assholes got god stuck in their identity function. Probability one. :cool:

(..and good looking out, atheist. That's how we do the science. Imma go stick this reply in my blog right now.)

This kind of English is an echelon higher then what I'm used too. :)
I'll chew on that a bit. I figured we had a semantic problem there.

That's what happens with atheism. Questions get asked. Questions get answered. Skepticism and critical thinking remain. :cool:
(I feel like a pro at this atheism stuff. Two months later, and we're making history. :D. Gonna put this update in my blog, too; which just got updated to technocrati. ;) )

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