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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Quaternion of Meme

(more considerations on faith and the number 4)

Memes; there seem to be 4 like everything else.  ;)

Here's the life:

Morality: evolved control structure for individual decision making.
Faith: Simply, sincerity; also identity.
Love: the Nothing that exists, a singularity.
Truth: the Everything that exists, a singularity.

By the numbers:

Love = 0, Truth = 1, Life (morality) = 2, Faith = 3.

And yeah, at least by this cognition, faith is one of those words one cannot fuck with. That might be the whole cannoli; to topple Religion, all that may be necessary is to "select for" the meme of faith - and break any negative implications or appearance of exclusivity.

It is easy to demonstrate that faith is technology: "I have faith in Chaotic Determinism" - see how that works? "I" is dual-state identity, "have faith," an investment of identity and a trine; with the triangle being the beginning of structure in the universe. Thus it takes more than "disbelief" to overcome Religion.

Not only that, "I have faith" is a truth statement positively reinforcing "morality." The greater the reinforcement, the more proficient the kinetic, the more certain the potential. Faith as identity is also dual-state; with a potential and a kinetic. The potential is moral certainty, the kinetic is the "active empty set." A "dipper" of sorts, for "dipping" into the Void (love); enabling the thinking of impossible thoughts - or quantum leaps of cognition.

And yeah. Atheist + faith = win. Irony, huh?  ;)

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