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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sola Fides

Consider this a rough draft. :D

Faith = moral certainty. This is the equivalence I found in scripture. Because there was no one to tell me I could not, I used the scientific method to define my faith and test in the field. These are the preliminary results.

"Faith" is a condition of core identity. It is a one-word summary of an individual and that individual's evolutionary fitness - one's "right to life." I am a complete atheist. When I say, I have faith, there is zero woo in that contention. There is memory. I define "my faith" as a conceptual design in this manner. It is a "panic button." That when this organism feels threatened by the environment - more specifically other organisms in the environment - hitting "the button" is akin to removing the rational elements of cognition and allowing the primeval force of lizard-brain calculation to take over.

It is not something to "test" or a toy to play with, it is a meme used to enhance the survivability of the unit. I have survived. As a human being, I have also simulated the future of my next encounter with a potential mugger in this manner.

You are not taking all of my money. You do not deserve it. However, I will give you half. That is rational cognition at work. I have yet to test this simulation of future in the field.

What is remarkable, is that "faith" seems to be a Kantian noumenon. That when an individual reaches a level of parity in faith to moral certainty; the dual-state nature of the individual can be transferred to the empty set term "faith," resulting in actual technology.

"Faith" is passive in that it is a form of "background processing," that it is the function of the environment to test the individual's moral certainty; but that an individual of moral character also develops a "kinetic" component. This kinetic allows one to pilfer concept from the Void, to distinguish simulation from imagination; to know impossible things.

And while dual-state identity allows one to identify to both self and god, god is a limit the self does not need. I limit the negative aspects of my ambition by being in love with a fellow human being - Gwyneth Paltrow - which is more than enough to keep me from exploiting my knowledge for personal gain. 

I compare the Void to the neter Set from Egyptian mythology because the relation to the individual creative force to the universe is very much allegorical to Lucifer before YHWH; but there is no evil in this, no rebellion against beauty and moral authority. It is tao. That conservation law and entropy do not require a universe of will, therefore we, as sentient individuals, must be the will of the universe.

And there's no guarantee of getting it right; yet to live, and to love, is to move forward with the universe.

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