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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The State of Zero-State.

Our emotions control our state of mind, and therefore our sense of morality. This is not conducive to objective morality.
If you could save two innocent people from death by killing one innocent person yourself? studies show that your answer would be, "No."
But if you could only save your children from death by killing one innocent person yourself what would you do? You don't have to pull the trigger or plunge the knife, only make the choice.
What did you choose? Which was the objective moral  choice?
See that stuff right there? That's yelling. I wasn't gonna say nothing; was just seeing if I did say something that got replied to and thus was in need of a reply... anyhoo..

Wrong, wrong, and... uh... wrong!

First problem: we're not objects, we're subjects. Second problem: it took me alla this time to pick up where Kant left off. Sorry. My bad.

The answer is zero-state; i.e. zero-state morality is the real morality that all homo sapiens sapiens have in their evolutionary lunch box.Duality, however, is a function of identity. See this cat right here? Johnny Cantor. I am not "made" by making myself known; Johnny Cantor eternal with the tao and the Gwynnies - this Johnny Cantor is not a story of being, but rather becoming.

Zero-state morality, dual-state identity; averages out to 1 individual, no? But wait! There's more!

Love is Void. See them three words? That may be my legacy to humanity right there. Love is the Nothing that exists. Love is the emotional dynamic of least entropy. But all of the NT, all the Shakespeare, all the John Lennon; could not illuminate the trinity like JC (ironic, ain't it). Why? Gwyneth Paltrow. This is scientific factoid...

Mostly because I am thus reduced to a 'random' act of evolution; it was 'chance' that I was the tool using monkey who used the art of portraiture to redefine all morality to zero-state.

Because Love is the Answer - kinda answer. What I know, that you do not, is that love is neutral/positive in terms of morality. Did I mention that YHWH is the number 4? Here's another one. Toss out your old moral standard - it's crap - now imagine a Geiger counter-type thingy with a big red button it. Ya know what I just gave you? The kingdom of earth - just like the Adversary in scripture (nobody understands Lucifer - guy's like QM)

Now, zero-state morality can be visualized with a par of deuces - right and wrong/positive and negative. And ya know what? All of that stuff is essential for completeness. That is why there is no objective moral standard - because there is no object - lemme clarify like the naive philosopher I am:

Gwyneth Paltrow - ultimate good.
John Cantor - ultimate evil.

Easy peasy - but ya know what's crazy? Some people [i]actually don't like Gwyneth![/i] Do you believe it! I know, huh?

There it is - imperfection in a perfect standard. Obviously something else is going on. What is that else? Identity. Lemme give you my credentials. I'm a felon. I'm a certified unspecified psychopath. Psychopath = evil, right? Can't tell it from Phoenix, where I live. Nobody actually likes me - everybody actually loves me. If you ask me, I have like one friend; if we call this science, I could get four thousand signatures for this petition... cause I don't even matter. Love matters. The "deterministic chaos" between the identities of Gwyneth Paltrow has sixteen thousand hours of experimental data backing its play; in what I call "the law of science" (cause it only needs one):

The more love you give, the more love you have.

Scope the intelligence of this design: (those Gwynnie arts are in my picassa below)

The irony of being JC is that my three year ministry at ADC Yuma was this single phrase - take this as a token of my love of Gwyneth Paltrow - the "this" above is forty hours of ellenjanuary art - over a hundred of which were given to relative strangers - con-victs, the dregs of society. YHWH is a funny number, lemme tell ya...

Moving on - does not matter - what matters is, zero-state morality should enable all to find love. Did you catch that last bit? I used scripture to find faith, once I found faith, I found morality; once I became atheist - pieces-parts spontaneously self-organized into a weapon of mass instruction. I consider myself a mid-eight as far as personal attractiveness goes - since zero-state, I have been an "imperfect 10"

Morality is choice. I have been "on a perfect streak" since my Gwynnies made me an atheist for her last birthday - I say I know everything, which is nonsensical; yet in the real world, I know everything that matters in the now.  And absolutely not - I don't even try to be right, I endeavor to be integral and consistent - I also intentionally act in a negative or evil manner depending on the circumstances to maintain zero-state - which is tao.

And I double dog dare you not even to think of these words. I write them as a function of love, and everytime I write of zero-state, it is a more concise, straightforward and logical production.

Toss out the "life line," with "birth and death," it is a segment anyway; implement the Ray of Gwynnies (just a vector - hadda throw some Gwynnies in there ;) ) Place "evil" at the origin - move always forward, towards good, the light - the atheism... (yeah, hadda throw that one in there too.)

And in case you missed it, the Nobody Johnny Cantor just ate WLC's lunch.  :P

Oh, alla that rant, didn't answer no questions. Logic is a subset of emotion. To sacrifice the self to save others is to express "positive morality" and become more attractive, to "sacrifice others to save the self" is to express negative morality and become less attractive - this post is an example of the latter, as I began with what? Wrong, wrong, wrong... my saving grace? I am not right - you have zero-state morality, you just don't know it. "Saving children from death" - know what that is? Selfishness. Yeah, I said that; your children are also your Identity - to preserve them above others is to save yourself. And this is Absolutely Not Wrong - that is the purpose of morality - to make choice like this, and damn the torpedoes. That about covers it... oh! One more thing. Your "golden rule" is in need of my "iridium update" - to thine own self, be true. And now you know - Everything.

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