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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Burning of the Witches.

There is no future that we do not create; thus I want to tell you a story of the future I intend to create.

Salem, Massachusetts; December 16, 2012. Where me and my fellow atheists gather together to burn the Christians for what they do today. Figuratively, of course. I'm a witch; I don't do hate, I do love.

What kind of love is expressed when Christianity gathers in their ignorant masses to praise their imaginary god for a burning in an imaginary hell of Christopher Hitchens? Love of self. I cannot hate them for loving themselves; what I can hate, is Christianity, as they do not even realize that they are loving themselves.

They are following the fucking script. The script tells them to worship death. The script tells them to lie. The script tells them to hate. The script tells them the world is full of evil, demons in human skin; minions of Satan constantly seeking to undermine the creation of God Almighty.

The Bible, however; told me I was Lucifer. See the problem I'm having here? Allow me to touch upon the highlights of a descent into madness. "Let there be Light" is the first thing YHWH says in Genesis. Satan is the first thing YHWH creates in Job. Satan, who was "in the earth;" Adam, who was made of breath of YHWH, dust of earth. Are you seeing a pattern forming here, that the Christian, with willful ignorance, cannot?


I and my Father are One, says the imaginary Christ. Can't have that, says the Council of Constantine; back in 360 or so, that shit's just too damn obvious! Break out the Holy Confounder, so that we may Confound them with our absurd philosophy so that which is obvious; shall be henceforth Infallibly Confounded.

Holy Spirit - tao, as I see it - Lucifer, as prophets know it.

Holy Spirit; which rips the New Testament in half. Those with Holy Spirit, and those without. There's even a very clear dividing line:

Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched

Duality. Mark 9:44. Isaiah 66:24

And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh. 

For those of you who thought there was no science in the Bible, guess what? You're looking at it. The Jews used to burn trash outside their cribs - where the word hell originates - after the burn, worms could be found under the ashes. Wanna bet, a primitive Jew is not going to have knowledge of organic chemistry, which might have told him those worms did not spontaneously generate from the flames? Wanna bet this same Jew did not have knowledge of basic physics, which might have told him that the Sun was not an eternal flame?

How much you wanna bet, these primitive Jews added 2 + 2 and came up with YHWH?

H     H

What do you see? I see a tetrahedron. I see volume. I see duality. I see the only conspiracy that is not theory; but rather part of the power structure. I see what Paul wanted me to see. Paul, however, did not realize one must be clinically insane to see like Paul.

Paul wrote the epistle to the Romans. Romans is the whole ball of wax. In, he describes how he used Holy Spirit to embody the entirety of Jewish scripture into a conceptual design he called Jesus the Christ. He did it to preserve the Judaism he loved; for which the Jews exiled him. For which he turned against the Jews. It's all in there, you just must know what to look for. The numbers. 0/1/2/3. YHWH

Paul was just a man, doing the best he could with what he had. Here's what he did:

Acceptance of the Holy Spirit means eternal life is now.

In his vision, that prayer is spoken; the speaker of the prayer is now in the Holy of Holies. In the presence of YHWH. Without sin. And what is absolutely fucking impossible in the presence of YHWH?

Evil. Lying. And absolutely positively no-way-in-hell can you stand there and go, gee, YHWH, did you create hell? Because you would fucking die on the spot. 

There is simply no hell in the New Testament. What there is, is Agenda; and how it got there, was the Church. With the gospels. Mark 9:44; fingerprints at the scene of the crime. The necessary link from Old Testament to New, to give the Church the science of hell. Because a primitive Christian had no modern scientific education neither; so spreading the word, pointing fingers at worms in the ashes and stars in the sky, why that's the best pyramid scheme evah! And eternal life? Sign me the fuck up!

YHWH is mathematical concept in mind of primitive man, one who would have no fucking clue what the zero was for another seven hundred years; that kinda thing can be overlooked. 

Christianity is beyond forgiveness. They are Pythagoreans , they are worshiping geometry and death, they are using witchcraft - primitive psychology - and all the Christian is doing is lying down at the bottom of the pyramid scheme and taking it up the ass so that the power structure may be perpetuated.

I love them; ellenjanuary loves everybody. What I hate is what they are doing to themselves. Christopher Hitchens did not die for his life is eternal in the heart and mind of ellenjanuary. That's what I read in the Bible.

Whatever script today's Christians are reading from; it is not scripture. Let us stop hating. Let us not die; rather let us live, and let us love. 

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