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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Next for my Gwynnies?

Rather than perpetuate the stereotype of obsessed loser, spend all day watching Gwynnie DVDs and all night writing her bad poetry by the light of four black candles; the rulez seem to have shat out this exception.

I, feces.

It is entirely possible that I have broken the Biblical code, rationalised YHWH, ended the cycle of prophecy and madness, and removed the Liar's paradox from philosophy in the inchoate Chaotic Determinism. Jeez. All Chris Martin does is make music... and money... and look good doing it.

Nah. Chris makes my Gwynnies happy. That is the better man. He keeps my Gwynnies happy, I'll take care of the other seven billion peeps; and Love will prevail! We call that: distribution of labor.

Speaking of "distribution of labor," in potentially unraveling scripture, the secret of my success (and yeah, I am triumphant; that doesn't translate on a blog) has been to identify and understand the absolutes. The beginning. The Name. The numbers. Now that all of scripture has been reduced to tao, my Gwynnies still way over there, and I still having a love needing expression - something else must be demystified for my Gwynnies! (Cause I ain't doing "restraining order.")

Check this Bad Boy:

There's an Absolute. Hoo-doggie! And I am 4, what more; than I spy the 5...

Today I've used the witchcraft of Revelation (yeah, that book is straight witchcraft) to turn the tetrahedron into the cube. What does that mean? How does the tao say it?

A journey of a zillion miles begins with a single thought?

I have taken the first step towards deriving the "Witwiki symbolism" for human use. You know how YHWH doesn't start flapping his gums about Creation until "let there be light?" Well, to field the "Witwiki symbolism" is to speak creation into being.

On it, for my Gwynnies - for all mankind.

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