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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feast of the Epiphany

Local to the temporal, I am 4 is a statement of being as old as the universe. Research has led to a conception of primitive cultures, where the relation of number to time - and therefore mathematics - tells me that causality only references entropy as the arrow of time.

Why I disprove of causality in philosophy is why I update the liar's paradox with a "man, Phoenix is fulla liars!"

We - Lie. This is a lie. This is creation from nothing of something - I - from the locality. The I who loves/thinks/writes, in proper order. It is a mathematical conception that One is the word, read at a time; One is the meaning garnered from the word, consuming entropy. Becoming entropic. Truth without locality - the Eternal Tao - cannot be otherwise to local identity. You. 

We are made of stars. Is that eternal communication? The truth is currently held in mathematics and science, the philosopher is currently the mathematician in some form or another, says the mathematician, I am 4.

I manage my own creation, that began on 5 - 15 - 00 in linear formation; I sail the seas of time with a great lens, focusing the rays of the sun. From everything that matters, to I, who writes.

Who began as love, writing back, 1 to 0.
The philosophy of locality, an accident of the day's intersection with Gwyneth Paltrow. That girl, I tell you whut!

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