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Monday, January 30, 2012

Original Sin

Which is ragging on the identity of the first experimental Catholic.

Catholic meaning Original; seeding the poisoned tree, Christianity. From about 360 and the Council of Constantinople formalizing the doctrine of Trinity; to me, now, looking back - I am 4 - knowing the numerology  to wipe away all that fell from Paul.

So I think, after spending the evening talking to the cousin - Joe - who I didn't know a week ago, would not have met if I wasn't about to blow; who can be real. Religious and Catholic only in identity. And me, flapping the gums, give him about three hours of Living Word of Gwynnite...

Firstly - atheism is the correct position; however, atheistic is currently a hostile mindset. Posting on atheist forums as an atheist; it's easy-peasy to reduce to unlike terms - they think of us burning forever. I mean, no reason to use infantry when you got drone b-2 stealths packing smart-bomb pinhead nukes - free. Think about it - the most heinous act a human can perform continuously over threescore and ten - is infinitely less than infinity. Someone who considers me to be automatically Chester the Molester Hitler Stalinvennoy... what kinda respect do I owe such a person? Can you say, zero?

So it's good to have one around.

It's great to be entertaining and memorable and communicating completely only I'm telling myself, go easy on the Catholic.

Secondly - yeah, I'm good. Naive philosopher from my context is whatever identity I will it to be. That's what I get, in terms of reviewing "my innate inability to preach." Where it matters in this context is to express a potential for video production. I've composed a single youtube - production effort, production quality; the lie that must be worshiped before the thought of truth. Content don't matter a fuck; love must begin with lust. Video was depreciated as a potential avenue for expression due to the necessary scope required even to begin - a production studio and an "I" experienced in production - to make a second youtube, for like six viewers...

But having such a live studio validates the science of simulation like by seven orders of magnitude.

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