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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Cause I might hafta go NORML next week. I hadda dream...

So I'm chasing Kay across the Mexican revolution, and I look back and see how it has always been that way. There's a knock on the door.

Knock? Door? Give it a minute... there's a knock on the door. It's that girl, with her cousin. Wanting to know if she woke me up. Came back to share some g. Find out when to come by and pick up some furniture.

We go take some space on the chairs. Give her the glass dick; she fills it up and hands it to me. I sit there with it. I'm not quite back from Mexico. Wuz talking 'bout how my Gwynnies was my drug, got to talking about her.

You gonna light that thing? She asks. Here you go. When she hit it, the stink hit me like a cat. I drew back with a cat-face on.

You gonna go back to school, back east? No point. No point to to job, nothing. Me and my Gwynnies, what I do. Can't waste that mind, she tells me; like she's trying to figure me out. Did the job, I say. Don't know why I ain't dead, I tell her. It is what it is, live, find some love, share it and get out. Tell the story of my Gwynnies on atheist forums. Everybody doesn't have to be emperor, ya know. Missed my Gwynnies this time; maybe next time.

She came up with some weed; I'm smoking the roach, they're gone. I don't do karma, I do tao. Don't act like it's gonna come back. Act like a fool in love with my Gwynnies which makes me give all my shit away. I guess that's what work is for, getting more shit to give away; and wouldn't you know it. Here I am, prophet on the job. On an atheist forum. That qualifies as thief-in-the-night. :D

Kay is from youth; Worcester. My buddy Newt's girl, the one I should have stolen. Kate was a silhouette behind the curtain. Daughter of a Red Sox, lived in the foothills of Tucson; the twenty four minutes, I call that one. Love at first sight; didn't credit it till two weeks later. I met her when an associate was planning to use her graduation as an excuse for a bash at her pad; it was awesome. Like eight of us in these swank digs, like some Hollywood teen flick; what's that guy... John Hughes shoulda been running the cameras. She was going with this kid Troy, I figure I had twenty four minutes convo with the girl I loved. It was awesome. He told me I should have stolen her. Rick told me she was into me too, but she had to screw. College, she was seventeen; I was twenty something... :P

Gwyneth Kate; that I chase across the stars. The fool, the follower, the what? The story goes on.

Drugs? Drugs are bad, m'kay? :heart:

...which got posted to Thinking Atheist on my drug position thread. Glass dick is the oil pipe used to smoke meth. It seems I used to to that stuff. :D

Wednesday morning, Tuesday morning; some shit like that, I was looking for pictures of Gwyneth on google. I erased the hard drive a little while ago, so there was no Gwynnies on this unit, and seven hours went away. Thursday night this thing's telling me. Still kinda in Mexico... anyhoo, twas a good little anecdote; how I'm still high off my Gwynnies from the other day. You know, with my eternal story thrown in there...

Laughing all the way...

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