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Bella Swan-Cullen
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heart of the Commonwealth

Johnny Cantor returns to Worcester Massatucky... walk with me now...

Southbridge Street, strolling in...

Southbridge Street, Federal Building on the left; after that we merge with Main...

City Hall to get my Name. John ellenjanuary Cantor; hunnert eighty bucks and March, something I always wanted, needed, that easy. Where were we?

The Idiot His Ownself.

Brother Newt; Gingrich's Saintly Twin. ;)

Newt's John Cleese statue - I beat you with my severed limb...

Uxbridge. Ain't no desert. We ended up here picking up Carl's car. To the right is the Ranch House (yeah, ya gotta capitalize these things, like the Boat), to the left is the impound yard, know what I'm saying? Guy's got towing contracts for the po - po in four little dickhead towns outside of Worcester; guy's got it like this. Know whut I'm sayin? :D

Frankenstein's Recycling, my front yard. Check out the Rockford ride. Hell, yeah.

This is my carbon footprint. I mean, my Gwynnies all excessive an' shit - thirty five million dollars; what the fuck is that all about? ;)

Be werry quiet, I'm hunting ash...

Busted my ash, I tell you whut. From naive philosopher to lumberjack? Yeah, I'm a pussy. Need more busted ash. ;)

And that's what we're working with right now. If I can deal with Frankenstein JB (my kinda adopted ol' man), the ellenjanuary identity may be off and running here in the heart of the Commonwealth. Tattooing is legal and common, an airbrush is coming, this verbosity is courtesy of a Pavilion with an NVidia 9500 hooked to my Intuos 4; art can emerge this kind of trinity - tell you what.

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